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Muslim Mind 21 Century

muslim mind

“In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful”

Islam, Jew and Christian is a religion that shares the same ancestral roots. Islam recognizes Jesus Christ and the Prophet Moses. But in similarity there exist a dire conflict. Christianity may sees Jesus as the Son Of God, while Jewish may only recognize their religion based upon blood lineage and close order of submission to their God; i.e.; a favored race on earth.
While there exist major division and irreconcilable ground that separated this major religion, a common ground unite this three major religion.
The source is one, but interpretation remains a major division among this three major religion.
The rest of mankind across this planet watches as turmoil conflict and even war break across the land. Terrorism is the dominating factor that clouds the Muslim communities.
Some Muslim scholar concur with the act of terrorism, under the banner of self defense and the right to justice in a world dominated by injustice.
The title of this book is Muslim Mind In the 21st Century, but in reality Islam is the religion of all ages. We cannot say that they is a set of Muslim Mind that must be relevant in the 21st Century, but in actuality, this mind set is what all the  forefather of Islam speak of and what the Prophet of all ages conveyed to the children of God.

Some might ask, what is the relevancy of this book? This book does not seek to establish a new Muslim mind set, it is but to open the eyes of those whom professes Islam to the light of truth, and it is also as a guidance to those who see Islam as a strange religion.

As a Muslim it sadden me to see peoples view of Islam as a religion of Violence, terror and self interest. Delusion and following the religious elite remain the biggest stumbling block and chaotic Muslim mind. Instead of peace of mind it creates a chaotic mind set full of fear, hatred, vengeance and violent and often strange behavior in the majority of Muslim across the world.
A mind which refuses to accept the existence and the divine governance of a single God is the mind which spark violence, hatred and UN relentless prejudice.

One can easily argue undeniably, if a heart is not at peace, then it is prone to chaotic behavior out of fear. What does the Muslim fear if they submit to the one creator and the lords of all worlds? Is there a room for pure faith and trust in God? Or are the Muslim nowadays trust in their fear and undying statement from the so called intellectual of Islam?

The message of God is simple and complete, but why out of this simple truth, the follower of truth remain divided, at each other throat and bring chaos and destruction in the realm which they inhabited?
Is the message not complete? Or is it we have a million of Muslim whom like to be called a Muslim but they are not practicing the real Islam? Do they not heed the word of God, countless message of God in the Quran asked the believer to think and ponder at his creation? Are we the servant or the rebel?
21st Century is the age of Information, each of us Muslim can assess this information and behave accordingly.
Practical Muslim or professing Muslim without Action? Action speak lauder than words.


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