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What comes to mind when people hear or think about Islam?

Is it beauty? Is it violence? Is it a backward religion? Is it a religion which constrict? Are the Muslim self egoistic people?

Where is our self image? Who are doing what and how? The revival of Islam?

The offline world and the real world?

What images does the hater of Islam portrayed our religion? Can we out wits them? Are we doing something and how?

This is just some of the issue that needs to be address by each individual Muslim in this Earth.

Can we just sit there and let our religion be dishonors? There need to be a systematic ways of addressing and solving this problem. Those in power and the real religion it self.


“Why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open?”

Mawlana Jalluddin Rumi, 13th Century Sufi Poet


“Lord, show me things as they are

You show a thing as fair and in reality it is ugly

You show a thing as ugly and in truth it is beautiful

Show us everything just as it is

So that we will not fall into the snare

Prophet Muhammad Prayer.

To understand Islam we must trace back the history and the etiquette of the first community of Islam and the way the prophet free the mind of the various God of power controlling the mind.

How do we view the world, thru what lenses are we seeing? Are we seeing from shattered view? Violence world? World full of hatred? Hostile world?

How do we view the world also effect the way we behave. Who are our teacher and role model? The learned or the truth of Islam?

These divisions between the ways we understand our religion have shaped us into what we are today. Each of us Muslim must begin to question ourselves, the real meaning of Islam and the practical Islam.

Are we a follower of the real teaching of Islam or are we following the mere fancy and our imagination of what our mind tells us?

How do we value and judge the beauty of Islam? Imagine in the middle of the desert, devoid of rain and green vegetation, a rose grew and bloom. Its scent soon reaches to every part of the world.

In the midst of conflict and chaotic state of idolatries, Islam brings forth peace and loving kindness. This is the true essence of Islam.

The first group of people whom professes and witness the seal of the prophet hood was all among those whom are genuine at heart and seek the truth and the purity of obedient and submission to the one force

From one it grew to the companion, from a group of hidden knowledge it grew to a tremendous momentum, where history will sees the center of idolatries, Mecca, would soon be converted to a single house of worship.

Islam was never a violence religion or a religion of hostile, its teaching is the corner stone of peace and adaptation to the local custom and surrounding. Only in dire situation shall the permission be granted to shed blood.


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