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Images from “ Sunan Kalijaga” Pt Tobali Indah Film 2004

 The scene above depict Sunan Kalijaga (One of Indonesia Muslim Saint) first encounter with one of the saint. In the first encounter Kalijaga was a thief similar to Robin Hood, whom steal to help the poor, the image that he carries was never changed even though later honoured as a saint. The final picture is his movie depiction as he ventured after finishing his religious teaching.
Similar to the story of the Buddha, Kalijaga was born in one of the aristocratic family in Indonesia. The pivotal turning point for Kalijaga is when he chooses the way of the heart. Seeing the condition of the mass poor around him, he was inclined to help the majority of the poor. Starting out as a thief he later encounter one of the saint whom later was depicted as asking him to wait by the river; Kali is another terminology for river.
As he became the disciple to one of the saint, and following the path of Sufism, he later emerges as a disciple whom finishes his way and later walks amidst the population spreading the message of unity and the gospel of Islam.

There is a various story regarding this saint, but the best scene that I would like to highlight is three. The three stories I see fitting for each Muslim to reflect upon their current surrounding and problem.

The first involved the government.

The second is in respond to the unbeliever and their way of life. Kalijaga walk into a village, the village was afflicted with draught, and the priest of the village was holding a ceremony to appease the gods, based upon their age old custom. This is going to be the third time they will sacrifice one of the village virgin to the gods in the hope that the Gods will be pleased and rain would fall on the village. This act also demands that some of the villager should commit self inflicted injuries to appease their God.

Kalijaga stood before the village priest and ask what they are doing? Upon hearing the situation , Kalijaga offer an alternative to remedy the situation. Observe that Kalijaga did not rebuke their ways and custom but only sought to remedy the situation. Kalijaga proceeded to perform a prayer of request. Soon afterward , rain began and the request was granted. Henceforth the villager began accepting the principle of one God and the message of Islam.

The third story is concerning a wife to a drunkard and a gambler. The wife has converted to Islam and was learning the basic of Islam from Kalijaga. It is related that in during the learning session the drunken husband approaches his wife in the presence of Kalijaga and started beating and dragging his wife home. It was related that Kalijaga only interfere when the Husband was about to murder his wife. Turning the intended weapon into a snake, the husband repented and began to mend his ways

As mention in all the three stories, the way of non interference, compassion love and the direct interference or grace from God is the pivotal aspect of gospel for Kalijaga. This is the aggregator mode which soon paved the ways for million of Muslim in Indonesia.

In a world dominated by warlord, animistic custom and violence, Kalijaga wondered and brought light, hope and order into the chaotic population of Indonesia.

This is the way of the early missionary. Armed with faith alone they wonder in the midst of idol worshipper.

Indonesia and majority of Nusantara ; i.e. Malaysia, Brunei, Southern Thailand and Philipine, experience conversion rate based upon the beauty, order and the light of the religion. It was never propagated thru swords. This is the message of Islam in the Nusantara.

Sadly nowadays, where order, justice and compassion have been spread among the population, the current state of Muslim in this region has stood at an alarming decaying and backward image. The progress has been slow and the real message of Islam has been clouded by paranormal, radical and extremism and somehow counters to progress.

May Allah Bestow His Blessing On Raden Mas Said (Sunan Kalijaga for his Works and Effort in His Way and his way of Love And Compassion –



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