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Islam and The World

There are no differences between Islam in the golden age and the Future. Islam will always remain the eternal religion send from heaven.  The mode of understanding however is the biggest hurdles that need to be address. As a Moslem, we must understand the basic concept of Islam and its practicality. The Confession alone does not make us Moslem. The confession must be understood and we must live our life according to its teaching and reality. This reality or the original concept of Godhood is the one thing that has been the major division and controlling structure within the hierarchical system that exist today. The learned scholar and the layman of Islam.

21st Century opened the door to fingertip Information. Individual from all part of the planet are now able to assess Information regarding Islam based upon all the known sources.

The question is this;

  1. Does the information tally with our behaviors?
  2. How do we practiced Islam and lead our life?
  3. The learned scholar of Islam, do they exist? The learned and the pretender?
  4. Can Islam adapt in the 21ST Century?

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