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The one god that Islam teaches is the one force that controls the entire known universe. The earth is but a grain of sand in the sea of the created and the known universe. We must not also forget the concept of multi universes or parallel universes. The vastness and the bigger world out here.

This self identity and the knowledge or awareness of the totality of the force or our position within the greater creation is what makes the closed mind Moslem open for rigidness and radicalism. The mode of awareness that the prophet preaches is in accordance to the mentality of the period within their tenure as a messenger.

21st Century brings us closer to the extend of this single power or one central processing unit that govern this complex universes, as such the current rigidity of what most Moslem practices is irrelevant if compare to the reality of Godhood.

The age of scientific discovery have revealed some exciting, complex yet simple or fuzzy revelation to the order of the known universes. This discovery is no longer champion by the Moslem.


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