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say cheeseThe question of God? Buddha, Islam, Christianity? The truth of the matter is why do we need God? Why do we put our faith in something that we can’t see or taste or believe?

Are we a bunch of little kids that are afraid of the truth, yet we are easily scared by the punishment of Hell or the rewards of Heavens? What we believe may not be real, we are easily being mislead by the real truth!

What is real? Is religion guiding us like a cow or a donkey? is our nose being pull by something which is unseen, which is our fear and our hope for a better future?

“use your brain , think, think and obverse, the power of observation may easily delude us all, why for fear and hope have being puts before our very eyes and mind! Today i began my writing in English which later I will began back in Bahasa, the reason for today article is simply because I would like the reader to read the following snap shot and argument, just for those that may think! But is it wiser to follow just logic alone?

Excerpt below are taken from

-A benevolent god all-knowing being only has one option in any situation, and that is the option that causes most good. Therefore a perfectly good all-knowing God has no free will.

If God is all-powerful and all-good, it would have created a universe with no suffering and no evil. But, evil and suffering exist. Therefore God does not exist, is not all-powerful or is not benevolent. Attempts to justify the existence of evil are called theodicies. There are no fully working theodicies, even popular ones such as the free will theodicy were rejected thousands of years ago for reasons that still stand today. It seems that if there is a god, it is not the all-good moral being that classical religions would have us believe

Is there a God? Is there a point to life before heaven? If God wants what is best for everyone it could immediately place everyone in heaven. If we want what is best for our children, we could kill them, and then God would send them to heaven because they were innocent. That we do not do this means that there is no God, no heaven, or that there is some purpose to life and evil. However, there is no such purpose. Babies who die (for example, in natural disasters) go to heaven, therefore there is no essential point of life, nor any essential reason that we have to endure suffering and go through the tests of life before we can go to heaven. This shows no moral God exists.

If God is moral then everyone has a chance to enter heaven. This means people who never learn which religion is correct, or even accept the wrong religion, have a chance at entering heaven. Our moral actions must determine whether or not we enter heaven, not our knowledge or religion therefore revealed religion must be false.

Writer Note: there are thousand of countless evidence regarding a war between atheist, Christianity and Islam on the net, Tepuk dada tanya selera!

The question of God is as eternal as since man first question the existence of oneself and the role of higher power! with the opening of the internet doors, the battle ground is indeed fierce and is a battle of the wits.

But the author would like to higlight the problem just once in a while just to ask the readers,

Let say you are given a choice to pick any of the religion in the world, what is your characteristic to choose?Why choose so and so Religion, and then stick to it as it is.

The question may as well be as simple as “intention” what is our real purpose”

As for the really – really few muslim or real practitioner of Islam out there,

Our life, death , and all act of obedient is solely for him, the one and only one, yet maybe just maybe 0.000001 percent  are left out there? ( a question of Sufis?)

For the Muslim leaders whom might be reading this,bad luck, since i have said it over and over again, Tun Mahathir opened the pandora Box of internet connectivities, yet the buffer zone is not there. we still chasing abuya, devient teaching while every second a new mind will query the logic and the fallacies of the real truth!

there is still a glimmer of hope, since

“none can shut the truth of God- katakanlah yang haq telah datang dan yang batil pasti lenyap… but again there is only a few pure heart to take over the helm of Pure Islam Teaching, by the way i would also ask forgiveness regarding my language, its harsh yet ask our self again what is the truth and why are we holding it.

Let listen to a tale of a yester years;

a man meet a teacher once to profess his belief in religion

The teacher ask’ why do you want to make this choice!

The man answered “i love god!

The teacher laugh ” which god are you referring to?

The man say “there is only one god!

Again the teacher laugh ” which god, think again?

The man was motionless and quiet for a while, after a while he reply, I love God, the real God!

The teacher laugh again and said” my dear son , the god which you are in love is your imaginary god, not the real God!

With that the man realize, the first step is to understand the basic of God! What is the basic of god you might asked? ……….


Comments on: "Why Belief In God? You Can’t Handle The Truth?" (2)

  1. I think you raised a good basic question of epistemology… How do u know what you ‘know’ is true is actually true?

    Not sure if you’ve given an answer to the question though.

    Many religionists do not have some criteria to evaluate truth claims, they accept their faith bcos their family, culture, historical accident, peer pressure brought them into it… therefore nicely illustrated by ur story here.

    But if we have tests of truth, then we must be ready to follow truth wherever it leads… the courage to do so is a prerequisite of knowing… but in reality, fear of punishment and social ostracization are genuine threats to the possibility of looking at our own ‘truth’ and ask some tough questions like these

  2. AbdulBasit K. said:

    Peace be on the one who follows the [divine] Guidance. * Anyone who denies that there is a God (i.e. — in other words, atheists) is a fool. Anyone who is sane and reasons, will realize that there has to be a God, and saying otherwise is foolishness and madness to some extent.

    I ask you, you are standing in a desert. And as you travel, you see a watch there. What will you AUTOMATICALY, NATURALLY assume? You’ll assume that someone dropped his watch. Or something pushed the watch to this place! NO SANE person would ever think that the watched just formed itself? How could it? It is too complex and full of so many tiny parts that work so perfectly to tell accurate time!

    Now, how about when u see the greatest of all watches, that has been working for — who knows? Billions, trillions, of years. And it travels in a Perfect course (which people who study science know very well), day in day out. It is placed in the perfect distance, from the earth ~ such that earth receives enough heat. *** Scientists tell u, if the sun was just a bit closer to the earth, the earth would burn up. If it was a bit farther from the earth, we would all freeze to death. No life could exist.

    I ask you – IS THIS PERFECTION or what? How could u assume, logically, that this happened by coincidence? The sun just happened to come in that perfect spot, so life could continue on earth! It just happens to go in that perfect course..

    Look at your very self! By God – i swear that science itself is one of the greatest proofs of God’s existence. Look at the vast panorama of nature around you. The smallest creatures the biggest, how they live in this harmony.

    Look at your human body!! How perfectly it functions. Just take some time to study this beautiful design in you! In the Koran, God said: “And on the earth are signs…and inside your ownselves. Don’t you see?” ** Ponder! How could all of this beauty and perfection and harmony and advanced, complex designs that function so well ~ have come without a CREATOR?

    In essence, that CREATOR, we believe, is the REAL GOD. He is the only one worthy of our servitude and obedience. We should follow His code of morals, injunctions, laws, etc.

    But now, the next logical question comes: How do we get contact with Him? I mean, we now know that a Creator must exist, from a logical perspective. But now…how do we get contact with Him? How do we know what He wants, who is He (for real), what is He like, what does He want, why did He create us, etc?

    We look into history. real history. We see that a chain of people, who came like a train (one after the other) ~ all claimed to have received from God. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and so many many in between.

    We notice that all of these men told people, that God revealed revelation to them, instructing them to tell the people to worship GOD ALONE. Not to serve, bow down before, obey, revere, humble yourself before, etc — anyone Except God Alone.

    They taught that this world is not the world of living forever. Rather, as you can witness with your own eyes, people die everyday. People live and die. you FEEL that this is not the life of residence. People suffer, people die, people kill, oppressors rule, righteous are tortured, believers are ridiculed, — and mainly, deaths occur day in day out.

    So you see ~ all the Prophets taught (as God informed them) that this world is merely the world of action, of test. You choose either to live a “righteous” life — i.e. live the normal worldly life, do what you gotta do, but don’t do what angers God, obey His orders, live according to His laws. Strive to please Him by [1] worshipping him. [2] helping and being good to mankind.

    if you do this, in this short temporary life you have, — despite the sufferings and hardships you will face ~ in the REAL ETERNAL world, you will be rewarded by God. ***** (note: “if” you do this. In essence, if you are THANKFUL to God for the countless blessings He has given you in this world)

    NOW< all of these prophets – each one of them – taught that if you disobey God. If you don’t believ in Him firstly. OR, in simpler terms: you are UNGRATEFUL TO HIM. This could manifest in many ways: either total rejection, or refusal to obey, or disobeying His orders ~ you will not be rewarded in the REAL WORLD (the world that you will pass into after you leave this world) ~ rather, you will be punished there. 😦

    NOW – an important note. The only ones who will stay eternally in the Fire of Hell, as the Divine Guidances inform, are ONLY those who totally denied God and refused to believe in Him. Those who WORSHIPPED others besides, or along-side HIM.

    Others, such as sinners, will eventually enter Paradise — whereas the “righteous” will enter right away, by God’s mercy.

    The chain goes like this: (1) Realization or, figuring out by reason and logic, that God does exist. (2) Seeing the beauty and perfection and harmony and advanced, complex designs that function so well – and all of the blessings you enjoy day in day out which you never have considered before ~ realizing the greateness of this Creator. (3) But at the same time, seeing all of this chaos and corruption on earth, deaths, murders, tyrants, injustices, losses, sadness, etc. — Becoming confused 000.

    (4) Trying to find contact with God. = the Messengers of God. Surprisingly, you see in the history, that a number of men came in a long chain from Adam, Noah, etc — all the way down to Jesus and Mohammad. See what these men claimed, and taught. Here, you will find some contact with the Divine..

    (5) Ponder over the Messengers’ teachings regarding this temporary life and the next one…

    Personally, my friend, I know that this is really testy and trying. It is deep and requires some thought. Questions must be answered. The mind must be used in a lot of cases ~ however, in the end, when you come to the REVELATIONS OF GOD (which end and seal with the final book: the Quran) — its really a matter of PURE FAITH.

    The Quran says: “Say: Beleive in this or don’t believe…verily, the people of knowledge before, when the divine scriptures were recited upon them, they would fall down in prostration to God..”

    God also says in another Chapter: “Say: The Truth is from your Lord. So wheoever WISHES to believe, let him believe. And whoever wishes to disbelieve, let him do what he wants. Indeed, we have prepared for the wrondoers…. — Surey, those who believe…” (18:29-30)

    But after thinking about all this — it starts to fit in, and make sense. Because this is the whole point of this world. A TEST. What else, resonably, could the purpose be – with the circumstances we are facing? It is without a doubt, a test for the people: to believe or disbelieve, to be thankful to God or ungrateful.

    God is saying: “Are you wise enough to realize that there is a purpose, a higher goal to life? Life is not just living it day to day, and then you die.. – that is what animals do!”

    Clearly, explicitly, a verse in the Koran says: “He is the One who created life and death, in order to test you, which of you…”

    This is the final point, that really clarifies many doubtful thoughts in one’s mind.

    BUT REMEMBER AGAIN!!! You have to start at step # 1, in order to reach this high and elite realization. Start with the basics. How do we know that God exists? And then move from there…

    thank u 🙂

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