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The previous article higlights some arguments based upon Atheist point of view and the realities of God. The Internet with the capabilities of Search Engine can be liken as a Crystal Ball, what you wish to see will meterialize, Be it good, bad, sex or evil.

The openess of information at a fingertips will slowly influences the young minds to grasp and question the fundamentals truth. Truth on the other hand is subjectif and it depends of each mind to interpret and justified what it stand for. The problem with young mind is that it is susceptible to query and understanding, a shattering effect similar to throwing a rock at a glass windows.

Religion and god is a thin border where a deviant behaviour may shattered not only life but also family institution. We are all aware of asian mentalities regarding religion, a family may shun or outcast a child for leaving his or her ancestral believe.

Various other problem can also be cited to changes in mentalities regarding the fundamental belief of god, good, evil or morality.

This is risky business, such as Mansur Hallaj proclaiming “i am the truth” the message is clear but he is considered deviant and subject to redicule and persecution. In the end truth must bear the turmoil and the opposition of the majority or the dominant belief in society.

Truth can never be kept under closed door, it is there for all to see and judged , yet the closed mind can never comprehend the truth. The message of God is simple, yet thru one God there emerge multiple belief system and custom based upon ancestral belief,

To question God in reality is to question the Truth. The truth of the matter, the real reason and under which power do we need to Submit our self


Comments on: "The Crystal Ball Of The 21st Century" (1)

  1. Ariff M. Ismail said:

    According to many Sufi teachers, there are seven levels of the self…of course humanity is far from God or Truth. Only faith brings the individual closer..
    “There is a battle between the self, the lower self, and the soul. This battle will continue through life. The question is, who will educate whom?Who will become the master of whom?***if the soul becomes the master, then you will be a believer…see clearly “the Truth will be unveiled as an analogy of a crystal ball” one who embraces Truth…however, ***if the lower self becomes master of the soul, you will be one who denies Truth..( Fadiman, Essential Sufism,1997).

    Rumi illuminates this state for us:

    if you could get rid
    of yourself just once,
    the secret of secrets
    would open to you.
    The face of the unknown,
    hidden beyond the universe
    would appear on the
    mirror of your perception.

    Ariff San Jose Calif.

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