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dancing catsMalaysia is known for its 24 hour mamak stalls and restaurants, not to mention millions of by the street kopi stall. What interest me is that this establishnment seem to have a steady flow of traffics, days and nights, almost every corner of shop lets or business row will host one form of establish food shop or just plain “bidan terjun seller” – fly by stall selling from nasi lemak, the local cuisine, or burger, or some snack-kuih.

What interest me nowadays, is the atmosphere when you sit at any ones of this estalishment, It will take a miracle to spot Muslim Malay to dine at a Chinese establishment, yet, The Indian Moslem establishment will be crowded with Malays.

The one things that i owuld like to higlight here is the following;

1. Cats, more cats,

2. Dining Etiquette

3. Salesman

I am fonds of cats, yet most of this establishment attract stray cats, yesterday while dining at one of the restaurant, I was delighted to be entertained by five kittens and its mothers, A stray cats which i wish i could afford to bring home, ohhh so cudly and innocents. Mind the reader i already have 7 cats and growing at in my home. Yet as i sit there and dine, i keep a wishful thinking, Is none of this Muslim feel anything and wants to change or help this poor kittens? or do we just leave it to the authorities?, i would assume if one restaurant have a few kitten and strays cats, let assume 2 million restaurant in Malaysia, That would bring the number to in between 10- 20 million homeless cats? Ohh dear me my heart goes out to all this unfortunate souls,

As I sit and wondering about the plights of this Cats, I saw a few smoker, mind you there are alot! as they puffed and puffed, I deduced the money saving factor to house this cats or  save the million of Muslim children dying every second out of malnutrion,

Oh poor me, and to add to insult, as second hand smokes does bring harmful effect to a person sitting within the proximities, some muslim with head covering gear or after going to the local mosque, seem insensitif and keep on puffing? weird eh? if a policeman dons a uniform he must behave his manner or risk tarnishing the polce force image! Gosh.

Salesman? ohh help me God, i will continue in next articles.

Point to ponder! a cats lead s simple life, yet why don’t we work our way from simple Da’wa? – ?


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