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Iran Under Attack?

Malaysian Malay newpaper today highlight the possibilities of a strike by the United States against Iran, due to the fear of Iran developing a nuclear Bomb. The news also highlight Israel request for Iraq airspace.

This move by the United States is nothing new, it is the same story , over an over again, just like before the attack on Iraq.

I salute the stands showm by the Prime Minister of Iran , whom all this while stood up against all the obstacle and the international due sanction!

This is the same argument that lasted for an hour between me and my collegue, at a restaurant during brunch . But again , similar to my stands on Osama Bin Laden, The Muslim world seem to forget one critical elements.

The courage to step down!Many would argue againt Iran cancelling thier Nuclear program , yet the same voices that we hear , whom glorified Osama Bin Laden, seem to forget one most important lesson, after the aftermath of any attack, they will be bodies lying by the road side, Millions of lifes will be wasted.

The must be a courage to sacrifice one ego and ambition or future political career as well as religious career,  in return for peace.

Osama is still alive or maybe already dead, but with his defiance to surrender, Afghanistan and Iraq pay its price, Million of Muslim children dies along with a shattered nations.

Where is the courage to stand for this innocent lives?

A point to ponder, which is a manly traits

1. A man sacrifices his live to save others (millions)

2. A man hides behind a nations and maybe mountains, while children and millions dies because of his action.?

The Prophet Hijrah due to ersecution! Would the Prophet stand by idle and let children dies because he is hiding behind some mountain hideouts?


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